Payments to Vendors & Subcontractors – Form 1099 Reporting to IRS

Form 1099 Reporting to IRS

We wish to bring to your notice that during tax year 2009, if you paid $600 or more to your vendors or subcontractors, you need to issue them Form 1099 by 01/31/2010 and report this to IRS on Form 1096. Non compliance may result into penalties.  We would like to offer our services for INCOME REPORTING at very affordable price. We have the best knowledge, skills, and experience to offer you accurate, timely, and dependable services with total peace of mind. Here is how we can help you:

  • Process Form 1099 (or any other income reporting form)
  • Mail these forms directly to the recipients   (stamps on us)
  • Process the Summary Form 1096 and report to IRS with Form 1099
  • Copy of Form 1096 + all 1099 will be sent to you for your record

Price: $5.50 for each Form 1099 + $7 for Summary Form (That’s it! No hidden fees). For example, if you need 5 Forms 1099 then your cost will be $34.50 (5 X $5.50 = $27.50 + $7 for Summary Form = $34.50).

Sounds interesting?  Then please send us the below mentioned information.

  1. Your company name, address, and company TAX ID NUMBER
  2. Recipient’s first name, last name, address and zip code
  3. Recipient’s Federal Identification or Social Security number
  4. Amount paid in 2009
  5. Nature of payment: Is this non-employee compensation, or rents, or royalties, or other type
  6. Federal income tax withheld, if any
  7. State tax withheld, if any

Our services are exceptional  – We are one of the best providers for your NJ Accountant needs, or New Jersey Payroll Services.  Nobody does NJ Tax Returns (both business and personal) better than us.

We accept all major credit cards. For other payment options, or with any other question, please feel free to speak to us at 201-723-3853. Leave this tax compliance to us and focus on your business. We will make sure that things are done right and you get total satisfaction and complete peace of mind. We look forward to speaking to you soon. Thank you.