Bookkeeping Services

KB Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. has the pleasure to offer wide range of Bookkeeping Services to small, medium, and large businesses in all types of industries. We have the best competitive knowledge, experience, and skills and we precisely know the best way to cater to your business specific bookkeeping needs. We have clients from all types of business segments and to name a few of them are: Municipal & Boroughs, Doctors, Medical Billing, Software Engineers, Computer Engineer, Web Design Consultants, Import-export business, Chemical companies, Education Institutes, Diamond Sales, Auto Repairs, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Landscaping and more!

Every business transaction has to be properly recorded in books of accounts, using the right head of accounts: for example: expense or asset account, income or liability account. Proper bookkeeping helps tracking of income and expenses for various items sold, vendors, customers, business locations etc. In fact, it creates a very solid basis for financial reports of the business.

Our bookkeeping services will cover following aspects:

  • We will carefully review the nature of your business activities and come up with a tailor-made bookkeeping set up for your business.
  • Create business products sales and service items, purchase, and payroll items etc.
  • Create database for your clients, vendors, employees, and others.
  • Set up business bank accounts, credit card, credit line, and loan accounts.
  • Set up a chart of accounts for all types of accounts.
  • Enter all business transactions on regular basis.
  • Record Merchant account transactions.
  • Keep track of all income and expenses.
  • Enter payrolls, payroll taxes, fees.
  • Payment of Sales Tax and file sales tax returns.
  • Keep better watch on accounts payable and receivable.
  • Better cash flow management.
  • Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts.
  • Issue of Form 1099s to Vendors and Sub-Contractors.
  • Calculate and enter depreciation for assets of your business.
  • Year end adjusting entry for accrued income and expenses and closing entries.
  • Prepare for Financial reports, and statement of Equity & Balance Sheet.
  • Prepare basis for business tax compliance .
  • If you never hired any bookkeeper for all year, no problem, we will compile your books of accounts for the entire year.

With our regular, dependable, and efficient bookkeeping services, you will be able to spend more time and focus on more productive business activities and growth plans.

Our expert Phoenix bookkeepers offer the most dependable and competent Phoenix bookkeeping services. In addition to Phoenix bookkeeping, we offer nation-wide bookkeeping services. We are the most affordable Phoenix accountants and bookkeepers. Our exceptional service has consistently earned us praise from our clients. Please call us at 602-412-3829 to schedule a meeting whereby we can explain you in detail, the benefits of our bookkeeping services. Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking to you soon.